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In a blind survey sent to graduates of the RF Safety LIVE! video, here are the results:

Question: Do you feel that the video has helped you keep safe at RF Sites? 

Answer:   100% of respondents: YES

Question: Would you recommend this product to others?

Answer: 100% of respondents: YES

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Training improves safety. Period. Workers that achieve a Certificate of Training for RF Safety, should be better prepared to work safely in RF environments. However, the certificate in itself does not accomplish the task. The task is accomplished through qualified training and study.  We listened to our students, and have now produced our seminar in a video format. 

DCI is pleased to announce the industry's first full length RF Safety training video. This two hour video covers the details for working safely in non-ionizing RF environments. The content is based on the hundreds of RF Safety presentations that we have conducted over the past 20 years.  This video is essentially our one-day seminar in a video format. The cost savings to obtain the training are dramatic. One day seminars average $350 per student + travel + lodging + expenses. Our video format gets the cost per student down below $50. Not to mention the savings of travel expenses and time away from the job.  

Each chapter is full of details and regulations that govern compliance and safe work practice at RF sites. Some canned training programs are only designed to offer a cheap path to certification so that companies can claim that their employees are trained.  Our program actually covers the material (chapter and verse) to offer the training that is necessary. Hundreds of slides and live classroom inserts are used to get the points across in a very rapid format that forces a focus.  The material and presentation are the same as from our live classroom instruction.  Safety is the number one focus of this training. 

Each student kit includes a written test and training booklet which contains a collection of the graphics from the video. Buy one DVD and train as many employees as you want from a single location...just buy additional Student Kits. 

Chapter  Title Time (min)
i  Introduction 5:03
1  RF Safety Basics 10:52
2  Regulatory Brief - FCC 21:08
3  Regulatory Brief - OSHA 16:25
4  Antenna Basics 6:12
5  MPE Math 10:31
6  Health Considerations 10:45
7  RF Signage 4:20
8  RFSite Compliance 10:38
9  PPE 10:10
10  Summary 2:53


110 minutes




Upon completion of viewing, and successful testing, each student is issued a Certificate of Training. Each video is sold with a registered number of User Licenses (one per student kit). In addition to a qualified User License number, each test requires a signed statement of completion by either a supervisor or witness.  

DCI encourages the viewing of the video in a classroom setting so that each student's knowledge can be shared for a more thorough learning experience. Keep in mind that the employer is responsible to provide safety instruction and procedures to employees. We have diligently attempted to provide the necessary information for safe work practice at RF sites. It is up to each individual student to accept the responsibilities of honesty, self discipline, and integrity. 

Tests are available for purchase with the video or separately by customers of record. Training certificates will only be issued upon successful completion of tests that are affixed with a qualified User License number, and a valid video program serial number that is recorded to the customer's address.  New hires can use the same video training program to gain certification by purchasing additional student kits. This video program should be used in conjunction with qualified training to the company's safety plan. No employee should be permitted access to hazards in the workplace until they have demonstrated a knowledge and ability to control their exposure to the hazard. 



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Part Number  

Intro Sale

  Price Price
DVD  (includes one student kit)    
RF-SAFEB-DVD $ 299 $ 199
VHS (includes one student kit)    
RF-SAFEB-VHS $ 299 $ 199
Additional Student Kits    
RF-SAFEB-KIT-1  note (1)(2) $ 49 $ 39

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Example:  Class of 12 students: 

Order One Video + 11 Student Kits 


(1) Student Test Kits are only sold to customers that have previously purchased the RF Safety Live video product, or are placing the video order at the same time.  

Student Kits can only be shipped to the address of the DVD shipment as the User License is attached to the DVD address.


(2) Student Test Kits include one each:  student booklet, test, user license, grading, certificate, and return postage. 

Grant of License - DCI grants to you the right to use one copy of the video per single copy purchase. This grant is restricted to single site equipment.  There are no limitations as to the number of parties that view the video from the single site equipment. Copying the video in any manner is strictly prohibited and this includes copying the video onto a network server of any type.  This restriction also includes any manner that the video is streamed for multiple party viewing. (DCI offers pricing structures for circumstances that require multiple party viewing.) The Grant of License (User License) is valid for the single address of the DVD shipment. Additional tests and certificates can only be shipped to the address of record for the DVD shipment. If additional sites require student kits, the order must include a DVD order for each individual address.   


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