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DCI's approach to the new federal standards and guidelines is a refreshing method of instruction. Based on industry experience and thousands of hours behind the chalk, this class is very fast paced and scripted for results. Students leave the classroom with a specific plan of action for worker safety, site compliance, and the knowledge and tools to reach the goals. The overall goal of the class is safety. Each element of the program is addressed with the appropriate interpretation from either the FCC, OSHA, legal, or practical. This approach of instruction provides the student with the options and the ability to determine what is the best solution for various scenarios. DCI offers a number of course outlines suited to the client's requirements and audience.

The most popular of DCI's RF Safety classes are the 7 hour and 4 hour course. The 4 hour Basic course is intended for site workers that are not directly involved in the establishment of site compliance issues. Site workers that are responsible for site compliance, assessment, and RF surveys are encouraged to attend the one-day 7 hour site safety course. The 7 hour course includes valuable hands-on examples to establish compliance standards.


Course  Description    

RF Site Safety Live - 4 Hours (Certification – RF Safety Basics)


RF Site Safety Live - 7 Hours (Certification – RF Site Safety Advanced)


RF Site Safety Live Agenda

4 hr.

7 hr.

RF Safety Basics



Regulatory Brief - FCC & OSHA



MPE Math



Antenna Basics



Health Considerations



RF Site Compliance



RF Signage



Personal Protection Equipment



RF Site Measurements



RF Site Survey Techniques



Advanced Site Studies



Rooftop Safety Primer



RF Safety Course Certification Testing






1. Client to provide classroom, LCD projector, screen, whiteboard, markers.

2. DCI can provide LCD projector at $150 per day.

3. Scheduled seminar dates are not secured without prepayment.

4. Terms of payment: 50% prepay to secure scheduled date(s). Balance due upon completion.

5. Prices and content are subject to change without notice.

6. Prices quoted are valid for up to 15 students. Additional students are registered at $100 per student*.

7. Seminar recordings are strictly prohibited. 

8. Travel and Expenses are quoted at flat rate or billed as incurred.  

9. Upon successful completion, "Certificates of Training" are issued.

* Non-certification presentations do not normally have a maximum attendance.



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 Want to view the video version of the course on your own ? 

RF Safety Live! Video  


About your Instructor:

Steve Lemons has been teaching training seminars since 1974. Over his career, Lemons has conducted courses in RF Safety, 

RF Site Survey Equipment, Personal Monitor PPE Certification, Test Equipment, Land Mobile Antennas, Battery Maintenance, 

Public Safety Dispatch Design, Sales Techniques, Marketing Basics, Rep Management, and Avionics. 


As an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer, Lemons specializes in conducting seminars to introduce the issues of 

compliance to OSHA Regulations and the FCC's guidelines regarding RF Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety.



Career in Brief:

1974-1980   King Radio, Director of Field Training

1980-1982   Audio Visual Systems, Sales Manager/Engineer

1982-1984   Communications Magazine, Editor

1984-1988   Celltronics, Vice President of Sales (Neutec, Trilectric, Neulink divisions)

1988-1990   Celltronics, President (Neutec, Trilectric, Neulink, RF Industries divisions)

1990-2001   DCI, President*

2001-2002   RSI Corp, Sales Manager/Instructor

2002-2003   SmarTrunk Systems, Vice President

2003-          DCI, President


* DCI Activities:

Produced CommShoptm LMR System Design Software and RF Safety LIVE! tm video training. 

Acted as Manufacturer's Representative for numerous companies such as: Motorola Test Equipment, Antenex, Ritron, SDI, 

Cadex, Dispatch Products, RSI, Narda, Chase Systems, Amrel and AvReps Int'l.