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The most popular software product in the LMR industry! 

Virtually a STANDARD for radio system designs.

CommShoptm is available for Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP)

from one of our users:

"Dear Steve, 

We at Dataradio continue to use your program. I recommend it to all of my training students that attend our

training classes for Dataradio products. I am replacing my copy which I loaned to someone and he liked it too well!

Thanks again for a great piece of software that is very valuable and still reasonably priced.


Harry Ebbeson, Mgr.Tech. Support"


CommShop v4.5 WIN includes these valuable programs from the Main Menu:

Range Analysis - One Way Intermodulation Predictions
Range Analysis - Two Way Wire Gauge and Current
Duplexer/Cavity Isolation Loan Amortization
Coax Cable Loss dB-Volts-Watts Conversion
Signaling Frequencies Hex-Decimal-Binary Conversion
Battery Life Estimator English-Metric Conversions
Two-Point Distance & Bearing Stop Watch
Satellite Elevation & Bearing Frequency-Wavelength Calc.


Included with each order, the CommShop 4.5 Communication System Engineering Software User's Manual

covers important design theory and standards. This booklet can be used as a valuable training aid.


Don't settle for less than the original, get a copy of CommShop Today! It will save hours of time around the shop, provide detailed range analysis reports for your quotations, and provide the tools for optimum system designs. 



                    CommShoptm  4.5 Main Menu

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CommShop v4.5 Electronic Version available as a secure download from our website. Upon order, a link will be sent to your email.

Zip file (580k) PDF Manual 266k)


 CSW4.5 Screen

With full windows multi-tasking screens, CommShop v4.5 solves LMR System Designs in a snap. This is a sample screen of the Range Analysis program that takes in system parameters and calculates the Estimated Usable Range.

In addition, CommShop 4.5 provides ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and Radio Horizon calculations. 

Each calculation is performed based on the frequency band, system parameters, and proven field tests. 

New to CommShop v4.5 is the ability to take input from both the transmit and receive path for a two-way path calculation. 

Each path data can be saved for later usage without re-entry.



Intermod Predictions

CommShop's Intermod program can store up to 300 Transmit Frequencies.


Once the "prediction" window is set (center freq, bandwidth, harmonics, max freqs to mix) 

the program quickly runs through the list of TX freqs to find any predicted hits.


In this example, the Product of 150.1750 is produced from the 4th harmonic of Freq 2 + the 3rd harmonic of Freq 3. 




CommShop is a trademark of Direct Communications International, Inc. Fairfield, Illinois, USA